Wedding Ceremony - Step by Step Guide

Wedding Ceremony - Step by Step Guide


Your vendors are booked, dress is bought, menu is set, now it’s time to think about your Ceremony. Time moment all of this hard work gets put to the test. The moment it becomes official. This is what it is all about. Your vows, the people standing next you, and the meaning of the moment. Let me help you be the most prepared so you can look back and be so thankful for all that this moment held.

Fully equipped 15-page step by step How To Guide teaches you how to run your own Ceremony - you got this!

  • Includes PDF Download to access on mobile devices, laptops, computers, and have the ability to print

  • Included copy is professionally written by Samantha Mathews to make sure you are fully prepared to run your own Ceremony as a DIY Bride - just customize the outline to fit YOUR day!

  • Sample Order of Ceremony outline included

  • Example Wedding Day Timeline outlines are included (with or without cocktail hours)

  • Tips for a smooth Ceremony

  • Seating chart and stage placement included

  • DJ/Musician song list is included for your convenience.

  • Wedding Day Emergency Kit checklist included

  • Brides Wedding Day Checklist included

  • Fun Fact: These are the EXACT forms we use to prepare for our booked clients Ceremonies.

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