Wedding Rehearsal - Step by Step Guide

Wedding Rehearsal - Step by Step Guide


Are you a DIY planning her own wedding but you have no clue where to start in having a successful rehearsal that actually prepares you and your bridal party members for your wedding day? No worries, I got you covered!

Fully equipped 11-page step by step How To Guide teaches you how to run your own Rehearsal - you got this!

  • Includes PDF Download to access on mobile devices, laptops, computers, and have the ability to print

  • Included copy is professionally written by Samantha Mathews to make sure you are fully prepared to run your own Rehearsal as a DIY Bride - just customize the outline to fit YOUR day!

  • Wedding Day Checklist so you know exactly what to pack the night before your wedding.

  • Fun Fact: This is the EXACT same way we prepare for Rehearsal’s for our booked clients.


Maybe you have been a part of a wedding rehearsal before or maybe you’re thinking, “How the heck do I wrangle all my family and bridal party members into an organized 1 hr max rehearsal? I’ve got you! As a Bride, it’s very important to have a successful rehearsal so that everyone involved in your day is fully prepared for the Ceremony events, they know where to be and when, AND they know exactly what is expected of them.

This How-To Guide will help prepare, plan for, and run your Rehearsal. Go into your wedding weekend with confidence know that you are fully prepared for a smooth Rehearsal which will lead you to a smooth Ceremony… We all have heard “Practice makes perfect” right?! Well, It is definitely true for weddings!!

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