5 Practical Favors your Wedding Guests Will Love!

PC: Spark Events

PC: Spark Events

As you plan your wedding day, you may be wondering if favors are necessary or worth the money. I always mention to a bride looking to cut costs, this is one thing you can do without to save a little and it wont be noticeably missed.

But if you are wanting to do wedding favors, ask yourself “What is unique to us?” The idea of giving favors goes back centuries and serves as another way to say thank you to your loved ones for joining in and celebrating your special day.

As a wedding coordinator, I see all kinds of wedding favors — from Polaroid photos to the dog treats posted above (It was the cutest). Here are five practical (and some of my favorite) favors your guests will love:

1.Candles: Maybe it’s just me, but the perfect smelling candle can turn a bad day into good. The sweet smell of hazelnut coffee or the aromatic scent of pipe tobacco can be the perfect gift for anyone. my personal fav’s are from Reborn Co.

2. Plants: A bulb ready to be planted or a darling succulent can be a perfect favor to remember your day by. Every time your family member or friend waters or prunes that plant they will think of you and your special day.

3. Coffee Mugs: For the avid coffee (or hot chocolate) drinker or the eclectic couple, gifting a coffee mug is your go-to wedding favor. It resembles what's important to the two of you. They will remember your day every time they sip their cup of coffee.

4. Mason Jar Treat: Join the mason jar craze and fill them with your favor treat like homemade kettle corn, ingredients for peppermint cocoa or set up a candy station that allows your guests to make the choice. This yummy treat is something they can enjoy while remembering your day.

5. Photos: There is something special about having a photo in print. We all have dozens, okay hundreds, of photos on our phones, but having a photo of a close friend or family member to hang in a frame can be the perfect addition to someone's home.

Not only will your wedding favor be a gift your guests will remember your special day by, but it can also serve as table decor. Spending a little extra on favors doesn’t have to break the bank. This may help you be able to cut back on the cost for your centerpieces while providing your guests with the perfect “Thank You” gift. Whatever gift you choose, make sure it represents you.

Do you have other ideas? Let me know below! it’s so fun hearing the unique things couples decide to go with.

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