Reception Send Off Ideas that are NOT Sparklers.

PC: Spark Events

PC: Spark Events

We all know sparklers create the perfect send off for photos and they are the most popular. But what if your reception send off is going to be during the daylight or your venue doesn’t allow “fireworks”? Here are a few ideas that can be just as fun and perfect for photos.

Paper airplanes

Pro: A fun alternative to sparklers. A new idea that not many have tried, so it would be a unique send off.

Cons: Someone has the potential of getting poked in the eye. The question is would it be worth it for the fun send off!? Ha


Pro: A perfect way to add to loads of color to your send off. You could have one color confetti, multi-color, or even metallic.

Con: The clean up after would require some work. If the send off will be inside, the confetti can easily be vacuumed up, but if the send off is outside, someone would need to begin sweeping up right away to prevent the confetti from blowing everywhere.

Ribbon Wands

Pro: A simply a pretty way to send off the bride and groom. Attach any colored ribbon to the ends of your wands and your guests will have a fun time waving you off with style.

Con: There isn’t really a con for this idea. Easy cleanup, fairly inexpensive to create or buy, and still gives the photographer a fun photo to capture.

Flower petals

Pro: This is a gorgeous send off idea. Very romantic to have lavender or your chosen wedding flower petals tossed as you walk by as Mr. And Mrs.

Con: The huge downfall that I have seen at a wedding was a bride having to pick lavender out of her hair and her dress after the send off. It was very time consuming and tedious, especially because she was doing pictures after the ceremony send off.

LED Balloons

Pro: A FUN alternative to sparklers. Definitely something that can be done at night and still create a fun atmosphere for your send off.

Con: This is time consuming and can be pricey depending on how your purchase the helium. We organized this send off (Pictured above) for Taylor and Tanner and it was a blast and worth the hard work of tying all the balloons.

Whichever send off idea you chose be sure to think through all the pros and cons before deciding. A lot of factors play into it.

Do you have a unique send off idea? Comment below and share your idea!

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