Wedding Gift Ideas

PC: J Design Studios

PC: J Design Studios

Hey friends and fam of the bride and groom, let me help you out. buying gifts can be awkward, “Here is the silverware set you wanted”. YES, don’t get me wrong, silverware and towels and everything else on the registry is important for a couple starting out their lives together, but if you are looking for a few other ideas of what to get, I got you!! Thank me later ;)

The obvious. The registry. This is a given. They spent countless hours scanning items, editing the list, and specifically choosing what items they would like to create a home and to start their life with. It only makes sense that they receive at least a few of these items :)

Think Practical. Money, gift cards. As a young couple starting out, or anyone for that matter, monetary gifts are sometimes the best gift you can give. Who doesn’t want spending money for the honeymoon, a gift card to buy that last big item from their registry, or money to put aside until the next time they need it?!

Think sentimental/meaningful. The biggest impact that was made on how I view marriage was the book "His needs, Her needs". How to serve your spouse in the way they need it. Giving a gift that could help shape or best prepare a bride and groom for what they are entering into, may be something that will stay with them for years to come.

The needed gift. Okay, just one you have to be careful with, don’t get crazy. But this is where you can have a little fun. Think about what the couple enjoys doing together. Whether that be rock climbing, hiking, gaming, or reading and get something that they need or can find useful when doing that thing together. Day-packs for hiking, new rock climbing shoes that they have talked about needing, the newest controller, or their favorite book series. Whatever it is, this is something they will hold close and will help build memories for years to come.

Weren’t these great ideas?? Be that person and get them a gift they will remember!!!

You’re Welcome!


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