Wedding Day Mishaps

PC: Mariana Ziegler Photography

PC: Mariana Ziegler Photography

To the Bride on her Wedding Day,

My goal is to never let you know about these WHEN they are happening, but to only look back on and know it was all taken care of.

While you were being pampered getting your hair and makeup done, we finished your Pergola decor. Because let’s be honest, the weekend was crazy busy for you and that was the last thing on your mind.

While you were getting your family pictures done, Your groomsman’s sole of his shoe came completely off. I hot glued it together so that he could make it down the aisle. While the Ceremony preceded (all shoes pretty much intact) I contacted the tuxedo company and arranged for someone to pick up a replacement pair for him so that he could dance the night away at the reception.

Ceremony decor was set and ready to go, but your guest book attendant was nowhere to be found. I arranged a family member to step in and man the gifts and guest book table until the attendant arrived.

While you were awaiting your venture down the aisle, giggling with your bridesmaids before you say “I do”, you had more guests show up than expected (which is an exciting thing) and with not enough original seating we made enough seating for the extra guests when it seemed like you were out of options.

While the ceremony commenced we did a headcount of guests and noticed you had more guests than you had reception seating. We set up enough additional seating to seat all guests. In addition we made sure each new table had matching linens, centerpieces and place settings.

While you were busy taking pictures as newlyweds, your friends and family began showing up to the reception venue and parking was filling up fast. But waiting for you when you arrived was a front row parking spot so that you could quickly pull up and get the reception party started.

While you were being congratulated by friends and family at your reception and barely had a free moment to take a bit from your meal, we had enough food set aside for you to take with you as you left on your honeymoon destination.

As the reception festivities began, shortly after you noticed all the desserts (Hurt’s Donuts, only the best) were gone. But hiding away by your overnight bags were not one, but two donuts each for you both to enjoy on your drive off as Mr. and Mrs.

A family member requested a special song for a special someone in his life, not the bride. In order to keep the focus of your day on you, we made sure all requests had you in mind. This eliminated all awkwardness for the guests.

So first off, NO this didn’t happen all at one wedding. Thank you Lord. BUT this just goes to show that so many things happen that you can’t plan for. As a Bride or a Groom would you like to have to handle odd family members requests, hot glue a shoe, or appoint people to do so while you’re busy getting your hair and makeup done, getting pictures taken, or anxiously awaiting your “I Do’s”? Please be smart and say no! Because you shouldn’t have to!

It’s your day, you deserve the best! Hire someone, appoint someone, and enjoy your once in a lifetime celebration.

Much love,


Let’s decrease the number of mishaps by planning well and downloading our Wedding Planning Timeline. It’s your go-to for preparing for your big day.

Samantha Mathews