Tips to a Smooth Rehearsal!

We all know a Rehearsal is the thing to do the night before the wedding, but what are the important things to accomplish to make sure everyone is prepared? Here are my best tips for a smooth Rehearsal!

Schedule before dinner. The Rehearsal should only take one hour. Having dinner after the rehearsal helps bridal party and family focus on the rehearsal that way you can get done quickly.

Practice song transitions. This helps ensure there are smooth transitions before and after each song. Make sure that the DJ or Musician has an outline of the Ceremony. If you are able to practice the song transitions the night before the wedding make sure you do a sound check and run through at least two hours before the ceremony start time.

Bring a practice bouquet. Practice makes perfect, right?! Bring a practice bouquet so you can do the bouquet hand off to your maid of honor.

Don’t assume everyone has been in a wedding before. Make sure you go through everything as if this is everyone’s first time in a wedding. Give details at the end of Rehearsal to answer the questions not asked.

Let the Officiant practice their wording. Let the officiant walk and talk through the Ceremony and if this is one of their first times officiating make sure they talk through the important phrases. "Who gives this woman" "I now pronounce you..." This will help eliminate any stumbling of words. They don’t have to go through every word because 1. That would take forever and 2. It would take away from the meaning of the words for the day of. Just make sure they practice to prevent any stumbling :)

The order of Rehearsal. The order of rehearsal should be: Placement of bridal party, Recessional, (Start from the top) Lineup, Processional, Bridal Processional, Ceremony, and then end with Recessional. Typically a coordinator or point person is there to tell bridal party members and family when to walk in, but they are not up front with them telling them how to exit.

I hope these tips help you. Going through these things truly helps a ceremony run smoothly and adds to the overall relax feel of the wedding day.

Go luck on your Rehearsal and Happy Planning.


Samantha Mathews