Brides Wedding Day Checklist

Brides, this one is realllly for you! You have been so busy focusing on vendors and finishing last minutes to-do’s before your big day. Well, here is a big to-do so that you are prepared the morning of your wedding day. It is your wedding day checklist. Start by setting these things aside the week before the wedding. Anything you can do earlier, the better.

Here you go:

-Marriage License (If not already given to your coordinator at your rehearsal)

-Communion elements




-Vendor payments/tips


-Tossing garter


-Iron or Steamer (if needed)

-Your invite suite for your photographer.

-Copy of your vows

-Contact info for all vendors

-Over night luggage

-Music playlists (if needed)

-Snacks :) (And waters. We always bring two cases so you will be set)

Any other items you have found that you needed? Let me know below.

Much Love,


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