Do what you love.

A couple weeks ago I had a friend ask me "How did you know weddings were your 'thing'? How did you know that was something you needed to pursue further now than you ever did? Do you feel like God has called you to do that? And why?"

I have never really been asked that before...I was taken back by the question yet thankful because it gave me some time to really think about why I coordinate weddings. I don't necessarily think I was called to be a wedding coordinator, all I know if that God has called me to love his people. Before I coordinated weddings (even while I was coordinating) I went to school to be a nurse, and failed out. My degree is in American Sign Language, but I have yet to complete it (I only have a semester left). But when I coordinate weddings, the feeling I get from caring for a couple on their wedding day is something I can't shake. I love putting people first and I love seeing them so happy at the end of the day. I took what I enjoyed doing, what brought a smile to my face and went for it. I found a way and made it work for me. I'm not perfect, I don't always have the best attitude, I get tired, I am away from my son for hours at a time, but I always go to God as ask for His favor and thank Him for the opportunities that Dan and I have coordinating weddings for some amazing couples. Helping them kick off their adventures in life together!

If you are out there wondering what is in store for you next, or what you should be doing with your life, let peace guide you. Find what makes you happy, what gives you life, what you look forward to doing (without the thought of money) and go for it.

"Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life" Marc Anthony

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