How To Survive Winter Wedding Photos.

Winter weddings are some of the coziest most beautiful weddings there are, BUT they need a lot of preparation to pull off. If you’re planning your winter wedding and are wondering how you will survive your outdoor photos in the cold here are a few tips to remember.

Bring hand warmers. Have your fiancé hold onto those little pocket hand warmers that way you can quickly warm your hands when they get too cold. Don’t forget to open them up about 30 minutes before the photos start. Or for quick activation shake them for about 5-10 mins

Have hot chocolate accessible. This is an easy way to warm up your whole body. Have your coordinator or bridesmaid order your favorite warm drink at your local coffee shop and you’re all set. Take small sips through pictures, but be sure to not spill it on your dress or mess up your makeup.

Designate a helper. As a coordinator, this is a role we can take on for you. While a couple is doing their first look photos and even their bridal party photos, we are there with coats so whenever there is a pause from photos the bride can quickly warm up. Oh … and they can hold onto your hot chocolate for you!

Wear warm shoes. For the first few shots, wear your wedding shoes. But, the moment the photographer is done snapping those getting ready photos, change into your warm Uggs. This will help trap in all the heat and they will be hidden under your dress. No one will suspect thing.

So, if your wedding date is set for a winter month be sure to plan ahead so you can stay warm and enjoy cuddling in those bride and groom photos.Wishing you the warmest wedding day photos!

XX Sam

Samantha Mathews