What Does a Coordinator Do?

Although it seems like a simple question to answer, the answer changes which each and every client we work with. The needs of a client vary widely depending on the theme, venue, budget, vendors and personality of the client. Because of this we tailor our service for each client.

I could seriously write a book on what all we do :) If you trust us and what we offer, go ahead and contact us to book your wedding. BUT If you are a little reluctant to hire a coordinator and you need a little convincing stay with me for a few minutes and you will see what all we do as coordinators and how we pride ourselves in the personal experience we give to each client.


Let Me Explain...

At an initial consultation with an interested client we do a simple get to know you and then we we briefly discuss the type of wedding you desire. This allows us to see what you are expecting from us as wedding planners/coordinators and we explain how our available packages can benefit you.

Our Day of Coordination involves taking care of all the logistical details of the wedding on the night of the rehearsal and the wedding day itself.

Full Service Coordination involves everything included in Day of Coordination plus a lot more, such as contacting vendors, venues, and all the nitty-gritty details that go into planning a wedding.

So in order to know exactly what a wedding planner does, you’ll need to know the difference between both forms of wedding planning services. I’ll start with the simplest of the two.


Rachel Traxler Photography

Rachel Traxler Photography

Day Of Coordination

Most brides have looked forward to their wedding day since they were little girls, and refuse to let anyone else plan the details of their wedding other than themselves! Having said that, these brides also recognize that their wedding day should be about enjoyment and bliss, not stressing over every detail going according to plan and choreographing each segment of their wedding to perfection. In this case, you’ll need some help.

Pre-Wedding: As a Day of Coordinator, my first responsibility is to be in contact with each vendor that you hire. I will contact the vendors two weeks prior to the wedding and introduce yourself and ensure I have accurate day of contact information for each of them.

If you have unbooked vendors I will give any advice and referrals you need in order to find the perfect vendor to be a part of your day, keeping in mind your budget and your personality.

To ensure a smooth wedding day, I create a detailed timeline incorporating the photographer’s timeline, DJ or band timeline and my own timeline for the entire duration of the wedding. Once approved by the bride (or the client) and vendors, each bridal party member and any others involved in the wedding day, will receive a detailed wedding weekend outline.

Rehearsal: All those in the wedding party or those a part of the ceremony are asked to attend the wedding rehearsal, if possible. This is our chance to practice and ensure everything runs smoothly on the wedding day. We walk through your ceremony events from start to finish so their is no confusion on the day of. This will last an hour from start to finish.

Wedding Day: On the day of your wedding, we arrive to the venue and ensure that the needs of the bride and groom are met.  We supervise vendor set-up and answer any questions that may arise. Because of our communication all vendors and clients will stay on the same page and will be informed in advance of each event (Starting of ceremony, Reception grand entrance, first dance, cake cutting, garter toss, etc.).

We are the  liaison between all the vendors and the bride/groom on the day of the wedding. This will enable the bride/groom to enjoy the day with their friends and family instead of having to chase after vendors. After all, that is why you hired us! It is our duty and privilege to ensure that your (the client’s) vision is implemented.

Once the time for the bridal party and family photos approaches we begin distributing the personal flowers and we assist the photographers to ensure everyone is in place and that everything happens according to the timeline.

Once the time for the ceremony approaches we ensure each person in the wedding party is lined up and prepared for the start of the ceremony and the supporting members of the wedding party (ushers, greeters, etc.) are fulfilling their responsibilities and that guests are being cared for. Once it is time for the ceremony to begin we work closely with the DJ/Band/Sound tech to ensure the music is quede, wedding party members are entering at the correct time and that the processional is flowing as planned.

After the ceremony is complete the wedding planner should ensure the guests are quickly ushered to the reception venue and the wedding party is at the appropriate place for photos to begin (if photos were not done before the ceremony). This is one of the most crucial and overlooked segments of the wedding. Executing a smooth transition from ceremony to reception will ensure a smooth and timely start to the reception. We pride ourselves in the ability to keep the wedding moving according to the timeline but also knowing when to speed things up or slow down. Staying on schedule keeps the client form taking on possible late fees associated with the venue, band, or any other vendor who is a part of your wedding day.

Wrapping Up: After the newlywed couple and guests clear out, we make sure all of the client’s personal property and wedding gifts are properly packed and secured in the appropriate vehicle. We ensure that proper care is taken of vendor items and that information is relayed from vendors to the client so that the event can conclude smoothly. Even if we are not personally responsible for certain items to be taken care of, we make sure that whoever is responsible for them hasn’t forgotten their duties. Before leaving we check in with the vendors, client families, and any others to say thank you and to show our appreciation for allowing us to be a part of the day.

Full Service Coordination

At times bride's are too busy with their careers and just can’t be hassled with the details of planning their perfect wedding. this is where we come in. Because this kind of wedding planning is a huge task for us to undertake, we price this package according to the time it will take us.

In addition to months of planning and perfecting prior to your big day, the Full Service Coordination package includes everything described in the Day of Coordination package and assistance and directing of setup and teardown for your event. Bringing all aspect of your setup and decor together is a huge task and having a person directing it all helps bring your vision to life. We work with 4-6 helpers that you select to setup your ceremony site and reception and at the end of your event we ensure it all gets packed up and loaded into the appropriate vehicle, leaving your venue site better that you left it.


Since every wedding will be entirely unique, the answer to the question, “What does a wedding planner do?” will never be entirely complete. But nevertheless, take away this message: your primary duty as a wedding planner is to satisfy the concerns that the bride had when she decided to look for a wedding planner. These concerns will always change, and that is OK. As long as you’re there to meet them, you’ve fulfilled your duty.