How to save money on your wedding cake!

Are you curious on if you need to keep the top tier of your wedding cake??

Let me tell you why you should NOT keep it...
It’s Grosss!!! The worst thing you have ever tasted. Freezer burnt blahhh, even if you wrap it right!
we did plastic wrap and a air tight container and it was dry and tasted old…

Here is a tip for you!! That will save you money AND get you some yummy tasting anniversary cake!

Skip out on having to purchase that “extra tier” just for you to cut and keep and instead cut into the tier that will be cut for your guests! Less cake to purchase, less money. And less waste! Because it will be thrown away.. lol

Pro tip: Book a cake vendor who offers a free anniversary cake to their booked brides! This is a new thing for bakers to do, BUT it’s so smart for the couple to grab ahold of that offer and beyond nice of a baker to give a couple a tasty way to remember their wedding day cake! If your booked baker doesn’t do that, no worries. Purchasing a small anniversary cake will most likely cost less than you top tier for your wedding day.

Stay tuned for more money saving tips.

XX Sam